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Fashion FUR-less!

When times get tough you have to conserve,
but always look fabulous! -FC

Times are tough these days… you wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, sitting down with the morning paper you think, hey today is not so bad.  Then you turn on the TV so you can tune into Good Morning America and all you hear is how terrible the economy is and that its only going to get worse.  Scary stuff I know.

Well today the stock market was up almost 1,000 point… WOO HOO!  But just to be on the safe side I decided to show you a  few inexpensive option when it comes to pet fashion. Now I know what your thinking, I said times of tough… but hey no matter how tough times get you still have to look good.  Just think of how great the women looked during WWII.  We could all learn a thing or two from them… when times get tough you have to conserve, but always look fabulous.  This way when times improve (and they will) you’ll be ready.

Check out these super cute tees featured above, both available at forever21.com the queen of inexpensive! Considering the state that our country is in I figured these tees are the perfect option.  And there both under $10. Enjoy!

Lots of Kisses,



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