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Pet Head™ by Bed Head

Cool dogs everywhere it is time to rejoice!  Rocker pUPS and hip hop hounds finally have a product that was made just for them.  The creators of Bed Head™ have now created a line exclusively for the the other cool members of the family, the pUPs!

Introducing Pet Head™

Pet Head -grooming

Pet Head™ -grooming

There grooming products include:

  • Life’s an Itch
  • Dirty Talk
  • Fears for Tears
  • Quickie
  • So Spoiled

…just to name a few!

All Pet Head™ formulas are pH adjusted and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and DEA, so there super safe for your pUP!

I can’t wait until these products hit the shelf… but for know you can pre-order at Amazon.com

And just when you thought you pUP couldn’t get any cooler…

Pet Head™ has also created a line of accessories:

Pet Head -accessories

Pet Head™ -accessories

and a line of apparel “For Cool pUPs only!”:

Pet Head -apparel

Pet Head™ -apparel

Now hurry up and get your pUP some Pet Head™!  But beware, these products are for cool pUPs only!

Preston if your reading, this product was made for you 😉

Remember “cool” is all in the attitude, with the right product, accessories and apparel all pUPS have the opportunity to live the pUPscale life and be cool at the same time.

Lots of Kisses,



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