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Cowardly Lion, originally uploaded by dewalt.

Such a handsome young man I have 🙂

Happy Halloween!!!

Lots of Kisses,



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Joe 'the Fort Greene' Plumber

So last Sunday I did as any good pUPscale Mommy would do, and I dressed up my little man in his spectacular Halloween costume and headed to Fort Greene park in Brooklyn, NY to compete in the 10th Annual Great PUPkin Contest sponsored by Fort Greene PUPS.

The contest was a big hit, with an even bigger turn out! The creativity that went into each costume was truly inspiring.  Frankie was “The Cowardly Lion” (from ‘The Wizard of OZ’) and in my opinion was the cutest pUP there.  In the end, “Joe the Plumber” took home a much deserved 1st prize.  His costume was AMAZING… the best part being that he shot water out of the pipe on his back causing the crowd to go wild 🙂

All in all it turned out to be a “perfect Sunday afternoon”.

To view more pics of the event click below:


pUPscale on Flickr!

fort greene PUPS on Flickr

The Gotamist: Pupkin Time

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pUPscale Summer Soriee

There’s only one way to celebrate the summer season and thats the pUPscale way!

Last night I got to thinking about puppy parties.  Frankie C.’s birthday is right around the corner (hint, hint: Aug 10th) and its a must that we celebrate!  I have been brainstorm and trying to come up with all kinds of ideas for puppy themed parties and Google.com, as always has been a big help.  So far my favorite theme by far is “A midsummer pUPs dream” -a summer soiree, dreamed up by yours truly. 😉

"Pick of the litter" Birthday Party

Below are a few themes to inspire you so that you can plan you very own paw-rty for your pUP:

  1. “Pick of the litter” Birthday Partyto celebrate your pups special day
  2. Puppy Showerto introduce you new little furbabies to the world
  3. Bark Mitzvahsfor Jewish dogs coming of age
  4. Bark-be-queto celebrate the summer months American style
  5. Whine and Cheese Partya perfect pUPscale event
  6. Pampering and Pet-icuresto spoil both you and your pup
  7. and my personal favoriteMidsummer pUPs Dream-A summer soiree– Shakespeare inspired and sure to be paws-itively pUPscale!

Once you have your theme set check out cesar ® how to throw a divine doggie dinner party or perfect puppy parties by Purina.  There you will find all kinds of useful information to ensure your event is a hit!

Whine and Cheese Dog Party Whine

Don’t forget the essentials:

  • A guest list including you favorite pups and pals
  • Super cute invites to match your theme
  • A color scheme is always nice but not completely necessary
  • Plan a menu both pup and people friendly
  • Location, location, location!
  • Fun activities to keep everyone entertained
  • Favors to take home
  • And you must not forget an i-tunes play list, a requirement for any great party!

Now get out there and start planning your own pUPscale party!  Don’t forget to send pics when you do. Frankie and I LOVE seeing other pUPs “livin’ the pUPscale life”.

Lots of Kisses,


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