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Now we all know Preseton is Frankie’s pUP hero… and well I think he’s pretty darn cute too!  Check out his latest photo shoot taken by Shine Pet Photos who refers to her pUP headshots as  “Extreme Pet Makeover”.

Photo Credit: Shine Pet Photo's LA, California

Above is one of my fav’s from the shoot…. but be sure to check out the rest.  I guarantee your in for a whole lot of oooo’s and awww’s 🙂

Lots of Kisses,



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Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming…

I open my eyes and find myself in a soft, comfy bed, not a wire cage. The house is filled with sweet, peaceful silence, not the desperate cries of dogs. And then there’s her. She calls herself “Ma.” After she adopted me I didn’t know what to expect. After years of being locked in a cage, I had lost all hope of ever being treated with kindness, but from the moment she touched me, I was smitten. Whenever she picks me up or strokes my head, she is careful, soft, gentle. She doesn’t grab me. She never hurts me. She feeds me delicious food, as much as I need to feel satisfied. There is always fresh, cool water in my bowl. She actually kisses me. A lot. And sings to me. And lets me sleep pressed against her. I’m not afraid anymore. I have a name, not a number. I am loved now.

– Excerpt from A Rare Breed of Love

I happened to came across this book in the current issue of Modern Dog Magazine and right away I added it to my list of books I NEED!  A heart wrenching true story of Baby, a puppy mill survivor and the mission that she has inspired to help pUPs everywhere.  Baby travels the world as a “spokesdog” and animal advocate to make people aware of puppy mills and hopefully in the process change the laws that help to protect these animals so that more can expericne the happy ending that she was able to have.

Check out the pic below of Baby with one of my inspirations Senator (and future President of the United States) Barack Obama. Baby, like Obama, brings hope to those who may have no reason to hope at all. Lets all do our part to help stop puppy mills.

Visit:  http://www.puppymillrescue.com to see how you can help.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out Baby’s book….. “A Rare Breed of Love” By Jana Kohl

Baby "spokesdog" for puppymill surviovors and Barack Obama

Lots of Kisses,


*quotes in the beginning have been taken from www.ararebreedoflove.com

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Featured pUP: Pebbles LaRue

Hometown: Natomas (Sacramento, Ca)… and please don’t ask, Pebbles does not personal know the Governator 😉

Lifestyle: A true California girl at heart, Miss LaRue spends her days loungin’ in the sun whenever she can.  Once in the morning and once at night she struts
her stuff through the neighborhood as only a diva could.

pUPscoop: Pebb’s is a rescue puppy and thanks her mommy everyday for introducing her to the pUPscale life! She LOVES french fries…and bacon treats.

Not only is she the apple of her moms eye but shes also a very well taken care of  “grandpuppy”.

Oh and roadtrips are her fave, but she ALWAYS rides in the drivers seat and would probably take the wheel if she could! 🙂

Pebbles and her Cousin Penny

If you think your pup should be featured in “Lifestyles of the pUPscale and famous” email me a pic along with a short story including your pUP’s name, hometown and the pUPscoop on how they are livin’ the pUPscale life.  We might just feature you! Email all info to pupscale@gmail.com

Until next time…

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pUPs for Obama!

No way, no how, no McCain. -Hillary Clinton

Barack's How I Roll

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